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Skye ツ | Philippines ✈ Perth, Western Australia.

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I'm a warm-hearted person. I cry and laugh easily. I'm a pluviophile, I love rain. I love photography | food | places | bands and everything that rocks my world.



Me: Hun, You ask me out to be you GF on the phone yea ? Coz I’m forcing you to tell me what is this that you’re gonna say to me before you leave. So, I was just wondering how are you gonna ask me out as your GF in person ? C’mon tell me 

Him: (front of me) uhmm like this: “Skye, I told u before that I’m not ready in a relationship bcoz of my recent break up, but I’ve realized that hanging out with you a lot and being with you makes me happy. We’re friends and I just wanna go into next level, like more than friends, you know. So yea, Skye can you be my GF ?”
Something like that 

Me:  <3 #kiligtothebones

"The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back."

- Unknown (via asdfghjkllove)

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"I want to be the person you’re scared to lose."

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"Tortoises and whales in my stomach
How strange it is
To express love
with symbols
as short lived
as butterflies.
What I feel for you
Is much stronger
And infinitely
More lasting
You don’t give me
Fragile and fleeting
You give me tortoises
and whales
Swimming peacefully
and relentlessly
In the deep flow
Of time."

- fiore-selvatico (via wnq-writers)

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"I guess you don’t love me as much as you thought you did."

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"That’s how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too."

- The Descendants (via ding-ang-bato)

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