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Skye ツ | Philippines ✈ Perth, Western Australia.

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I'm a warm-hearted person. I cry and laugh easily. I'm a pluviophile, I love rain. I love photography | food | places | bands and everything that rocks my world.

"That’s how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too."

- The Descendants (via ding-ang-bato)

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"I hate the fact that some people are afraid to take a risk on me because they always say that I’m too good to be true and that’s what I hate about myself. I hate it when they see that I’m too good for them and they’ll think that they are going to be bad for me. Well fuck cos I also have my dark sides but I just learned how and when to show it. I may be too good but I could also be too bad. This is why I want some people to see the bad in me and still think that I’m good. Not people who always see the good things in me and still think the bad things that I do are still good. Fuck, no. I want you to understand when I’m being good or bad. I want you to know the difference on that. I don’t think there’s really someone who’s too good for you. Hell, if he or she’s too good for you then maybe go make it up to her or him and make everyone around you see that you deserve her because you’re trying to be better for her to deserve her. That’s the risk the I’m talking about. I’m not too good. I will never be too good. Maybe I’m just really different with the way I treat people that I love cos when I love — I love deep. I will deeply cherish you in any way possible. Probably, in a way you couldn’t and wouldn’t imagine that someone’s willing to do this and that for you. I don’t know. I just want to be loved by the person that I love and I just want that person to take a risk on me."

- 3am madness, Vega. (via vaguelyinked)

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"Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible."

- Things I’ll teach my children (via ding-ang-bato)

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"Night is purer than day; it is better for thinking and loving and dreaming. At night everything is more intense, more true. The echo of words that have been spoken during the day takes on a new and deeper meaning."

- Elie Wiesel, Dawn (via ding-ang-bato)

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"Is it because I made a mistake, I can’t be happy now ? :’"

Bespren -> Boypren = Fail

Yung Bespren ko na naging Boypren ko. Hayy ang hirap pala :(


I don’t want to be just another girl that you’ll get tired of after a few months. I want to be the girl who fills your thoughts at 2am when you can’t sleep and the girl who you dream about when you finally go to sleep.

And if I’m not that girl for you, please walk out of my life because I refuse to be forgotten and ignored.


- Midnight Thoughts (I want to be your everything)

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